IPAF training courses in Sussex

IPAF Static Platforms (1a and 1b)

Static vertical platforms (1a) are smaller vertical access machines, which must be moved into position and the stabilisers deployed before the platform is elevated. They cannot be driven at height. This type of machine often looks like a scissor lift and is typically used for tasks such as building maintenance.

Static boom platforms (1b) are fixed in position using stabilisers, outriggers or jacks before the elevating boom can be used. This category of machine includes lorry mounted, van mounted, trailer push-arounds and tracked platforms.

Training on these types of machines can be tailored towards any experience level and is accredited by IPAF – leading organisation in the access industry promoting the safe and effective use of powered access machines worldwide.

IPAF Mobile Platforms (3a and 3b)

Mobile vertical platforms (3a) include scissor lifts and mobile vertical personnel platforms, usually best known by their product names e.g. ‘Runabout’, ‘WAVE’ (Work Assist Vehicle) ‘Stockpicker’.

Mobile boom platforms (3b) come in two main varieties, with a variety of lift heights: telescopic booms and articulating booms.

IPAF accredited access platform training is available on all platform sizes, lift heights and drive options including narrow chassis designs for limited space applications, 2 or 4 wheel drive and rough terrain models. Training can be tailored to suit applications relevant to machine type, working environment and delegates’ job roles.

IPAF MEWPs for Managers

The IPAF MEWPs for Managers course provides those who oversee the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms as part of their everyday operations with the skills and knowledge required to ensure they are used safely and appropriately.

IPAF Push Around Vertical (PAV)

Push around vertical machines are mainly used for indoor tasks. They have no motive power so must be pushed into position; the platform then ascends and descends over the chassis.

IPAF accredited training is delivered on all makes and models, for all experience levels and can be tailored towards relevant applications for delegates attending the course.


Training CoursePrior ExperienceCourse Length (Days)No. of Delegates (Max)
Training CoursePrior ExperienceCourse Length (Days)No. of Delegates (Max)
Static VerticalAny 1 6
Any experience on 2 machine types14
StaticBoomAny 1 6
Any experience on 2 machine types14
Mobile VerticalAny 1 6
Any experience on 2 machines types14
Mobile BoomAny 1 6
Any experience on 2 machine types14
MEWPS for ManagersManagers & supervisors of operations using access equipment110
Push Around VerticalAny0.58

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