Leading the way with the SAFE system – secondary guarding for scissor lifts

Yet again we are leading the way with safety for the aerial access industry! In conjunction with Airo (our favourite Italian aerial lift manufacturer) we have developed S.A.F.E (Self-Adjustment From Entrapment), a new dual secondary guarding system for scissor lifts.

Having completed a huge study into the causes of entrapment injuries we’ve discovered that the vast majority of injuries are caused by ‘shear’ type impacts (not upward or overhead impacts) caused when the operator was distracted and not looking straight ahead whilst driving the lift.  These accidents often results in very serious injuries.
Our new SAFE system will provide a preventative and physical protection and is set by the operator.  It offers an electronic cut-out in conjunction with a physical barrier which can either be used together or separately.

To prevent upward movement crushing the operator raises the platform to the lowest obstacle height and sets the sensor (by the press of a button). This then prevents the scissor lift raising above that maximum height, until the system is reset.

The SAFE electronic control panel

To prevent shear injuries caused when travelling we have developed a foldaway safety frame, based on the boom lift SanctuaryZone system. This should be extended before moving the lift to act as a crash-bar structure, then can be quickly stowed away when working.

When the platform extension is fully extended it is very easy to demonstrate why injuries can occur. On some scissor lifts the deck extension can extend 1.5 metres or more, meaning the steering wheels are almost the same distance behind you and possibly more than 16 metres or more below. If the steering wheels have been left on full lock at 90 degrees to the chassis and you simply grab the joystick and move it fully in either direction – even at the low elevated drive speed – your first movement is sideways – up to 300mm. That is a serious unplanned change of direction.


We also wanted to conceive a design that can be enhanced as awareness and acceptance for new technologies – especially telematics – increases. We have collaborated to produce what we think is a genuinely usable and practical system for secondary guarding on scissor lifts.
The SAFE system complements our other safety focussed developments – deckRailXtra-the material handling attachment family, and SanctuaryZone.


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